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Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Hang Out in Beaver!

After our meeting topic about hitting the restart button, when I talked about not hanging out in Beaver when we're on our way to Vegas, Joey from my Tuesday night meeting in Draper typed this up:

You have planned a trip to Las Vegas.  You have checked the air pressure in your tires.  You have changed the oil in your car.  Packed your bags, made your hotel reservations, purchased your show tickets, mapped out your trip and where you are going to stop along the way.

As you get to BEAVER, your car develops engine trouble.  What do you do?  Do you just say, “To heck with it!  Instead of getting the car fixed, I am just going to hang out in BEAVER, UTAH.”

No, you analyze the situation, figure out what went wrong, get the car to a mechanic, get fixed what needs to be fixed, re-focus, hit the restart button, and get back on your trip to Las Vegas.

You Shake it Off and Step UP.  You do not let your lapse turn into a collapse!

Weight Watchers has taught us the tools we need to obtain weight loss.  Our mechanic is our instructor.  Our tools are found in our Weight Watcher’s books.  We just need to use them and we will!

Refocus and hit the restart button to make goal!


  1. Yep that is a PERFECT analyzes.

  2. Awesome. Needed to read this tonight. Hopefully me, unfortunatly without my Diane Keaton mom, will be there on Tuesday. You are awesome!