Inspiring Eachother

We may reap the benefits of our successes by recognizing them and inspire others to be successful by sharing them. My desire is for this blog to be a place for you to share your successes with each other. Please feel free to comment on the posts at any time. Also, if you have something you would like me to post, such as a recipe, you can email it to me at

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Marie Taylor

Congratulations to Marie! Marie lost 47 pounds, in just over a year.  In Marie's words, "I had a very good support system at home.  My co-workers noticed I was losing weight and wanted to know how and if it was on purpose.  The compliments sure made me feel good." 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kelly Keller

Congratulations to Kelly Keller, who looks absolutely fabulous (just ask her hubby who also attends with her) after losing 27 pounds!  Kelly, I've enjoyed so much, having you in the meetings, and love your dedication to the program.  As you have said, "this is the best thing I've ever done!"  

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Congratulations to Andrea Banks  for completing the Salt Lake City Marathon on April 16, 2011!  Andrea completed the marathon in 4:50:32.  I am so jealous of your new legs, Andrea, and am so impressed and excited by your many accomplishments.  Check out her story here

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walk It 5K Pictures

We had a great time at the WW Walk-It Challenge 5K!  It was fun to see so many of you there!  I'm glad we had one day of great weather for it!  Congratulations to all of you and remember to continue your activity!

April Peters with her daughter
 check out her before pictures

Congratulations Sandra and Lynnette Weed!
Lynette left a comment about her experience here

After strutting her mutt, Jennifer joined us for an additional 5K
Way to go Jennifer! (yellow shirt)

Leslie Gibson from my OC Tanner group
I love it when my at work members attend!

Great activity for the family!

Julie Lopez (middle) and family

Theresa and her daughter, who came all the way from Canada

How fun is this?  Check out the back of their shirts!

Walk-It 'Til the Skinny Lady Sings! :)

Way to go Keith!
Keith has come a long way check out his before pictures!

Susan and daughter Whitney
Last year was Susan's first 5K, and she came back for another year!

Brittany (right) has lost 35 pounds and completed the 5K!

What an inspiration!  With much effort, and commitment, Bonnie (middle) completed the 5K! As a child Bonnie was paralyzed, and this was her first attempt at anything like this.

Way to get your kids involved!

Reed has been such an inspiration to his family, that many of them have joined WW and are being very successful!  Check out his before pictures!

A busy lady who made time to come!
Way to go Leslie!

Beth and April, lookin' good!

Jan has a great attitude!  Way to go Jan!

Two of my kids, Brett and Allie,
Don't they look like they're having fun?

Jan all finished!

Annette Crabtree and husband Steven
Annette is at every walk with her supportive husband by her side

Best Friends reunited after almost 20 years
My daughter Jolynn and her childhood friend Laura

My grandkids
Megan brought her daughter along, great job!

Loretta and Roseanne! Sisters

Congratulations to Whitney for completing the 5K and for graduating from Westminster this week!

Kelly and Susan

Lori Brady, completed the 5K in her wheelchair

This picture is becoming a tradition
Here's last years!

Ric, Gina, and John
The Trentman Family brought WW to Salt Lake City many years ago